Sporting KCSKC
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Major League Soccer @MLS
Sergeant surprises + reunites with family before #SKCvLA:
Inger Yoder @Inger_Yoder5
#livetweet featuring Graham Zusi and Landon Donovan #SKCvLA
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LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
Halftime entertainment: @LAGalaxyAcademy are currently playing for a national title. Watch:
Alexis Marrufo @marrufooo
Eric Smith @Eric_P_Smith
[Twidwell] @LanceTHESPOKEN
I think we now know why Besler signed with @SportingKC long term... #SKC
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Clara Gabelmann @Gabe_Jayhawk
Scott McSpadden @thesme
WE BELIEVE!! #SportingKC #STMCapsule . This is how we #LIVEKC !!!
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Christian Calderon @christian_7_thebest
#Sportingkc #sportinggame
dfulton426 @dfulton426
I know it isnt man crush monday but daaaaamn. #zusi #sportingkc
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Carson Wells @CarsonCavitt
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Kristi Colvin @kristicolvin
APPARENTLY whopping players FLAT only deserves a Yellow!!! WTFever!!! That is Benny who got knocked down. I don't think I could play soccer. I would deck people too much. #sportingkc
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
What a moment for this young man. #SKCvLA
Pamela Joseph @PammyJoseph4
Little Landon does not approve of that foul. #landon #lagalaxy #LAvSKC
annesimmons @annesimmons
Good seats �⚽️❤️ #sportingkc #lagalaxy #vscocam
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LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
HT: The #LAGalaxy find themselves down 1-0 but there’s still 45 left to play: #SCKvLA
Sporting Kansas City @sportingkc
.@KingJames meet King Benny #SportingKC
Adam Serrano @LAGalaxyInsider
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LA Galaxy @lagalaxy
#SKCvLA By The Numbers: The #LAGalaxy take on Sporting KC in a matchup of the winners of the last 3 @MLS Cups. Any score predictions?
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