Sporting KCSKC
New EnglandNE
Adam Arredondo @KCdondo
First time in The Cauldron! This is aaaaaaaawesome! #SportingKC @SportingKC @DingDondo
Christopher Young @someyoungideas
Enjoying an awesome game tonight! @SportingKC #SKCNation
Ibra Shaker @IbraShaker
T. @Tanvi_Nimkar
Ain't no game like a #SportingKC game
SpartyHawk Cache @SpartyHawkCache
@SportingKC Coach Vermes guiding the team to victory @SportingPark. -TCB #SportingKC
Kyle Rohde @KyleRohde
Never been to a #sportingkc game where the Cauldron wasn't full. Late arriving crowd tonight?
sasha fitzpatrick @sashafitzdonner
Mackenzie Manning @maSKCenzie
When you ask the refs if you can take a selfie with them. #SportingKC #CapFedSKCMoment
Julian Cooley @julian_cooley
When the cauldron is too hype⚽️ #SKC
Tyler Webb @twebb_10
Nathan Dixon @ndixon78
I believe that we will win #SKC
Brian Ousley @Brian_Ousley
Chipper Cillessen @chipperc8
I believe we will win! #SKC
Sporting Kansas City @SportingKC
🙋 if you're ready to watch #SportingKC! #SKCvNE
Nick Vella @gremlinfilms1
Nolan Woodford @TeamACW
Ibra Shaker @IbraShaker
Driving from Wichita in the middle of the week to support #SportingKC team
Caleb Armstrong @mcalebarmstrong
KC Gunner @KC_Gunner
Sporting Kansas City @SportingKC
Jonathan Fosgate @FosgateJ
NE Revolution @NERevolution
Watching #NERevs-#SKC & following us on Twitter isn't enough! Check out the @MLS MatchCenter!
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