U.S. Open Cup
Sporting KCSKC
Hunter Smith @hunnadollarbill
When #sportingkc scares you right outta your shoes. #skc #sporting #sportingpark http://t.co/rMSSOudOva
Sporting Kansas City @SportingKC
Our newest addition @amobisays chatting with fans in the Victory Suite at halftime of #SKCvHOU. #SportingKC http://t.co/Nf0HVIqs0T
Brandi P @bparizek
I spy with my little eye the one guy from Houston! #SKCvHOU http://t.co/AJP78biKTS
Chris Bils @ChrisBils
Creighton Young @CreightonYoung
SKC Gameday @SKCgameday
. @SportingKC will roll out in the all-whites tonight. #SKCvHOU #USOC2015 http://t.co/0RqS5TeId8
Matt Freije @Matt_Freije
Both @SportingKC and @HoustonDynamo have taken the field for pregame #USOC2015 http://t.co/PJbK5YxXUm
Little MLS Blog @LittleMLSBlog
I’d hate to see Ted Unkel when he’s actually MAD. #SKCvHOU #USOC2015 http://t.co/5qIP4Bu9Gw
New York Red Bulls @NewYorkRedBulls
MATCH RECAP: Red Bulls pull back in extra time, but fall on penalties. http://t.co/VKr7mFTm8u #NYvPHI #USOC2015 http://t.co/hLVhXrxosT
Sheila Mullings @SheilaMullings
That feeling you get when your hometown plays your new town. 😁 #SKCvHOU http://t.co/nKDbKkJCyL
Sporting Kansas City @SportingKC
texasforever @Jrrigby
U.S. Open Cup @opencup
On Deck: #SKCvHOU for the right to host @RealSaltLake in #USOC2015 Semifinals. Live 7:30pm CT: http://t.co/eSq7ygFGbZ http://t.co/raNQ45ymoE
Katie Deroche @KatieDeroche
You get a card! You get a card! Everybody gets a card!!! #SKCvHOU http://t.co/eBu8ddp6z1
Andrew Vaupel @vaupelKCBJ
All hands on deck! #SportingKC owner @RobbHeineman is helping the field crew repair the pitch. Nice! #USOC2015 http://t.co/LgUGr2dNCR
Sporting Kansas City @SportingKC
1' AND WE'RE UNDER WAY! Click here to watch --> http://t.co/c1K3J7k3Rx #USOC2015 http://t.co/sk3S5fABLM
Sara Simpson @JerseySaraKC
Lukas Weber @lukasweber08
It's a great night for some SKC soccer! #SportingKC #mattbeslerismyhero http://t.co/0EcW86dLnD
Brad Hallier @bhallier
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