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U.S. Open Cup
Sporting KCSKC
Official Timekeeper of MLS
Real Salt LakeRSL
Clint Nurnberg @fcsclint
Erik Sartorius @EASartor
Dean Manwaring @demsducks
Watching #SKCvRSL on YouTube while on vacation. #IBelieveThatWeWillWin #SportingKC http://t.co/XJ2F1Dx784
Razersports @RazerSport
First-ever goal for Soni Mustivar & it's a big one! #SKCvRSL tied 1-1. #USOC2015 http://t.co/HfYAuYEygM http://t.co/9Dy7T8mU0Z
Clint Nurnberg @fcsclint
Tony Felich @tonyfelich
Charlie Karlen @rockchuckjhawk
Again another reminder to that epic (but freezing) day when we beat RSL in the MLS Cup. We own you. #SKCvRSL http://t.co/6sHzqtYNrc
Andy Edwards @AndyEdMLS
Currently slightly soccer overloaded. #USOC2015 #SKCvRSL #PHIvCHI #MTLvVAN http://t.co/qGKZoL5T9D
Karel Hill @HillKarel
Eleven Magazine @ElevenTheMag
#SPORTINGKC starting 11 for tonight's #USOC2015 match with RSL. #SKCvRSL http://t.co/oOJqG2bx7J
Devan Dignan @ddignan
Just a little keepsake from my favorite #SKCvRSL game. #BeatRSL http://t.co/9ne8eRkcla
Major League Soccer @MLS
Major League Soccer @MLS
Great individual effort from @Ddwyer14. @b_feilhaber22 right there to slot in the rebound. #SKCvRSL http://t.co/TNcgWsuSlp
Major League Soccer @MLS
All knotted up at 1. Watch the final 20 mins of regulation of #SKCvRSL: http://t.co/piBCpe0YzM #USOC2015 http://t.co/22Zu1PrdgX
Hailey @Hailey22641963
@MLS: First-ever goal for Soni Mustivar & it's a big one! #SKCvRSL tied 1-1. #USOC2015 http://t.co/POThcSIo4L
Evan Martinez @etownkc
Kelley Rowe @zroweboat
How else would you watch @SportingKC while in Denver? #SKCvRSL #USOC2015 #socceronthewall http://t.co/ObsVjGQkWK
kristy.barbour @BarbourKristy
#SKCvRSL my baby girl watching the game. #futuresoccerstar http://t.co/RaQUg0tdZi
Britani Potter @britaniherself
Chris Bils @ChrisBils
90 minutes to the final. #USOC2015 #SKCvRSL http://t.co/lnQvEWvmCO
Daniel @twogoalhattrick
Sean Murray @Murrdog4
Grant Nicholson @GNicholsonKSU
Ben Jata @Ben_Jata
Great hold-up play from Dwyer. Good from Feilhaber to follow the play. SKC lead 1-0. #SKCvRSL http://t.co/vjaTJI7zrr
Ben Jata @Ben_Jata
Erik Sartorius @EASartor
Looking for this goal to get filled up in the 2nd half! Let's go Sporting! #SKCvRSL http://t.co/nRyAIVX47R
Major League Soccer @MLS
First-ever goal for Soni Mustivar & it's a big one! #SKCvRSL tied 1-1. #USOC2015 http://t.co/fRzKzpI7Eg
Brenna Seger @beeseeg
Tonya Moreland @tmmore
Trevor Keegan @tj_keegan
U.S. Open Cup @opencup
15 minutes from kickoff of #PHIvCHI in #USOC2015 Semifinal #1. Watch here: http://t.co/VFuFR9zhr8 #cf97 #DOOP http://t.co/cYvrNKaVSm
Kim Von Ahsen @kkvonahsen
Joey Jadlowski @antonjad
kristin bock kamara @kbock2241
Reposting this beauty for tonight's #SKCvRSL Open Cup match #BeatRSL We got the cup! #8812skc http://t.co/OsobY9pxSJ
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