U.S. Open Cup
Official Timekeeper of MLS
Sporting KCSKC
Women United FC @wunitedfc
Quip Kelly @RealDeal36
David Malandra Jr @David_Malandra
Clark Beacom @clarkbeacom
Second half is underway! @JimmyConrad is stressing it. Will #DOOP hold on to this 1-0 lead? #USOC2015 http://t.co/RJtfRhBK2j
Matthew Doyle @MLSAnalyst
This looks like a terrible half from CJ Sapong, but it absolutely was not. Sometimes passing maps lie. #USOC2015 http://t.co/GIjhsV4UE7
Univision Deportes @UnivisionSports
#USOC2015 Partido abierto con oportunidades para ambos al 18' @PhilaUnion 0-0 @SportingKC http://t.co/aIECB60Owx
Jefferson Burdick @stalegum
Heh-heh, FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! #DOOP #USOC2015 http://t.co/RGWtiagb8I
Daniel Studio @danielstudio3
Few minutes away from US Open Cup final. @PhilaUnion @SportingKC #PHIvSKC #USOC2015 #doop http://t.co/fnT8caoINF
Shawn Wunder @ShawnWunder
David Malandra Jr @David_Malandra
Univision Deportes @UnivisionSports
#USOC2015 Ya se juegan los últimos 15' de partido @PhilaUnion 1-1 @SportingKC http://t.co/EmrSS7upxM
Major League Soccer @MLS
Major League Soccer @MLS
Lookin' good, Roadron. #USOC2015 http://t.co/Y4Hm3IeF83
Steve Holroyd @Section107RowA
I'll be taking this home if @PhilaUnion don't hold this lead #USOC2015 #PHIvSKC #DOOP http://t.co/61vOSKcFjU
U.S. Open Cup @opencup
HALFTIME! @SebastienLeToux's 23rd minute strike has @PhilaUnion up 1-0 on @SportingKC. #USOC2015 #DOOP http://t.co/cyumaNKIsL
AL DÍA Events @ALDIAEvents
Univision Deportes @UnivisionSports
John Corbett @jacorbett70
No expense spared #USOC2015 walk-in also red rockets for anthem #PHIvSKC http://t.co/bwsNKIuyF8
U.S. Open Cup @opencup
Andre Blake gets his first start of this year's @OpenCup in tonight's #USOC2015 Final. #DOOP http://t.co/E7ANL4ANfC
Neal Stewart @NealStewart
Good night for soccer. A little drizzle and some hardware on the line. @PhilaUnion #doop #UnfinishedBusiness http://t.co/4YVJTzNVEf
Chris Lehmann @chrislehmann
Fútbol MLS @futbolMLS
Comienza el tiempo extra. Es la 8va final de la @opencup que se juega en alarque: http://t.co/Ki0EyHW8jq #USOC2015 http://t.co/tElfbq1Bfn
Michael Yosko @hockeyandmetal
Dogfish Head Brewery @dogfishbeer
A whole slew of Dogfish peeps are at the Dogfish Riverdeck PPL Park cheering on the @PhilaUnion tonight! #DOOP http://t.co/3fPEaXGvU9
U.S. Open Cup @opencup
.@SonsofBen are pleased with the halftime score line here @PPLPark. #USOC2015 #DOOP http://t.co/E9OJphkdgz
Senator McGarrigle @McGarrigle26
Football & Threads @AmericanCasual1
Sons of Ben (Philadelphia Union) for #USOC2015 Final. (Best angle available right now). #amylynnjones04 #ig #doop http://t.co/ISYUYfWAFu
Thilo Kunkel @ThiloKunkel
Lew Kirsch @Lewsers
T G K @TheGreyKing
This is how I'm spending my first night home. Because I'm a crazy person. #DOOP http://t.co/pSOknihi5o
This guy's on the line tonight as @PhilaUnion takes on #SKC in the #USOC2015 final! Any score predictions out there? http://t.co/U8TGDkgSmM
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