MLS Playoffs
FC DallasDAL
Adam C Smith @AdamCSmith
And now a completely different look for Major Mojo Hard Hat #EBFG #SEAvFCD IT WORKS.
Nick Gallagher @nickgallagher42
Major League Soccer @MLS
Andreas Ivanschitz with the equalizer for @SoundersFC. We're level at 1-1! #SEAvDAL #MLSCupPlayoffs
Josh Holloway @ebetha
Jamie Holter @HolterJamie
Devin Reichert @mochaskinnedECS
Last night it was green for joker tonight it's rave green for the @SoundersFC let's go #soundersfc
John Knapp @JohnReadKnappJr
We are in a playoff! #SEAvDAL Against the refs!
Adam C Smith @AdamCSmith
The Major Mojo Hardhat has been donned. #Olimpia #Karmic #Victory #EBFG #SEAvFCD
jorgebaron @jorgebaron
Megan Nelson @mNseattle
Linda Collins @MissLinda1086
Anthony Garcia @mystictony21
Major League Soccer @MLS
That pass. That finish. Fabian Castillo gives @FCDallas the lead. #SEAvDAL #MLSCupPlayoffs
Johnny Burns @Johnny_Bullet
francinescottphoto @francinescott
Dylan Nadwodny @dnadders
Yoav Sibony @yoavsibony
AnalysisEvolved @AnalysisEvolved
#SEA has a 42% shot at beating #FCD over 2 legs, assuming Alonso doesn't break one #SEAvDAL
Katherine Draves @KatherineDraves
Cupcake Royale @CupcakeRoyale
So ready for this city's second win of the day #SoundersFC #SEAvDAL #GoSounders #Sounders
ShettosB @shett0s_b
Mark Hopkins @mhopkins1
First playoff game for my son. He wants at least 3 goals from @SoundersFC! #SEAvDAL #XboxPhotoContest
Katherine Draves @KatherineDraves
Sue Skinner @sfskinner4
Tisha Cote' @etocetoc
Judith Miele Keyser @JudithMKeyser
Giving it our FULL 90! GO Sounders FC! #XBOXPhotoContest #SEAvDAL
Fútbol MLS @futbolMLS
15 minutos para el #SEAvDAL. Suficiente para disfrutar de este reportaje sobre Oscar Pareja:
Seattle Sounders FC @SoundersFC
.@clint_dempsey: you're a boss. That is all. #Sounders 2-1! #SEAvDAL
Sounders North @SoundersNorth
A Deuce upside your head, Dallas. #SEAvDAL
Seattle Sounders FC @SoundersFC
.@andiva25 WHAT A GOAL! The Austrian buries the #Sounders first goal of the match and we're level! #SEAvDAL
Major League Soccer @MLS
👍 for watching #SEAvDAL on @FS1 and @TSN_Sports 2. The second half is underway! #MLSCupPlayoffs
Mason Flint @masonfl
Nick Gallagher @nickgallagher42
Steven Ashby @madisonpark
#SEAvDAL Go Sounders! Beat FC Dallas!
Fútbol MLS @futbolMLS
Un disparo directo al arco. Un gol para @FCDallas. La efectividad está 👌 #MLSCupPlayoffs #SEAvDAL
Emily.Elisei @notsoglad
Oscar @loco_cholobando
Michelle Hernandez @Meeshjasmine
Patrick He @PatrickFengHe
Nicole Pessl @npess
Great night for some soccer! #SEAvDAL #GoSounders
12thladylatina @DianaSanchezRo
Vamos Sounders .I love you Marg #SEAvDAL
Major League Soccer @MLS
If you had one shot. Watch #SEAvDAL live on @FS1. #MLSCupPlayoffs
Susan Parson @Parsonsusan1
Brendan Vaughn @bmvaughn
Apparently no American flag atop CenturyLink Field tonight? #SEAvDAL
ShettosB @shett0s_b
Michael Daley @Hank_Nation
Etta @EttaMoen
Scarves up!!!!⚽️ #SEAvDAL
Cassidy B @cassidyyeb
Lisa Cortes GolfDeva @lisaycortes
When I'm not #golfing I'm watching soccer. Go #SoundersFC
Matthew Waggoner @matthewwaggoner
Official team sheets just handed out in the press box. That means we're getting close to the 6:40 kickoff #SEAvDAL
Sue Skinner @sfskinner4
.Bundled up for a Sounders WIN!!!! #SEAvDAL #XBoxPhotoContest @SoundersFC @LIVESounders 💙💚⚽️💚💙
Vicki Watt @vickiwatt
We're back! Go Sounders!💙💚 #SEAvDAL #BeatDallas
jmortaloni @jmortaloni
Kevin Flatley @rusty731
Go Sounders beat Dallas! #SEAvDAL
Kat Chancellor @KatChancellor
Michelle Hernandez @Meeshjasmine
MLSApologist @MLSApologist
Nelson "Spray Tan" Valdez #SEAvDAL
Adam C Smith @AdamCSmith
Bobby @Xzact21
Brayan Torres @b_torres11
Needscitation @needscitation
elisa glenn @elisaglenn12
We made it! Go Sounders! #SEAvDAL
Maren @mar_tartweets
Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé, Seattle Sounders here we go! #SEAvDAL
12thladylatina @DianaSanchezRo
Vamos Sounders 💚💚💚 Marg y diana #Sounders #SEAvDAL
kristeena sabando @SabandoDesign
Let's go Sounders!!!#SEAvDAL
Seattle Sounders FC @SoundersFC
Mariah O. @MariahOrdonez
Timmy B @timmyb48
Yeddy is ready for the game tonight. @SoundersFC @yedlinny #SEAvDAL
Brian Lees @brilees
go sounders beat Dallas! #seavdal
Jeff Hackmeister @j_hackmeister
Go Sounders! #ebfg (@ CenturyLink Field in Seattle, WA w/ @garret_newton @seasoundersfan)
Brazbit @Brazbit
Willow @willowsboyer
Michelle Ludtka @MichelleLudtka
Stage is set! Now we just need the players #SEAvDAL #MLSCupPlayoffs #Q13FOX
ally wilson @sidally
Everett Corder @Evcorder
⚽️ Jesse & Brittny @Jeslophoto
daveshel4 @daveshel4
Go Sounders! Ready for a win! #SEAvDAL #XboxPhotoContest
Ethan @courfeyracingit
Wow, @SoundersFC these games are pretty intense. Its a nice change from the rainbows im used to #SEAvDAL
Jeff Baklund @Jeff_Baklund
It's OUR TIME!! Seattle domination over Dallas must continue! #SEAvDAL
Fútbol MLS @futbolMLS
Tu domingo futbolero termina con el #SEAvDAL en la Semifinal del Oeste. Te esperamos:
Grayce Anatomy @sograyceful
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