WC Qualifier
United StatesUSA
St. Vincent and GrenadinesVIN
U.S. Soccer @ussoccer
Three points to kickoff the #RoadToRussia. On to Trinidad & Tobago! #USMNT #1N1T https://t.co/kZPTIZ7KBL
Patrick @kcirtapward
Logan @LoganGreer
Ryan Alden @atomicnumber3
✌ nikki jozipovic ✌ @nikkijozipovic
Darren Heuring @heuringd
Eric Schmitz @schmitzandpucks
In St. Louis for tonight's #USMNT World Cup Qualifier match against St. Vincent & the Grenadines at Busch Stadium 🇺🇸 https://t.co/T5BGQH9t9G
Benjamin Boyd @benjaminhboyd
Tonight's attendance at Busch Stadium for @ussoccer announced as 43,433 #USAvVIN #USMNT https://t.co/9Z8IuxCKsN
Bill Riley @billplusbeard
tyler maine @tyjmaine
#USMNT vs St. Vincent. Let's freakin goooooo 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 https://t.co/LZstUHJReO
Jeff Foster @Bryant0990
#USMNT finally back in STL!!! https://t.co/mWCxZp9C9E
Kyle Rogers @KyleR
GatewayCityGoalPost @GatewayCityGP
American Outlaws as far as the eye can see! @AmericanOutlaws @AO_STL @ussoccer #usmnt https://t.co/cZcrwRTar6
Jacob @JacobPetry_
At the USA Men's World Cup qualifier match! #USAvVIN https://t.co/drNaXajlJt
Mike Munie @mikemunie
Ashbee @ashleybiundo
I believe that we will win ⚽⚽❤ #USMNT #USVSVIN https://t.co/aQZNfHGvZ2
Univision Deportes @UnivisionSports
#Eliminatorias2018: Guardan minuto de silencio en el #USAvVIN tras lo ocurrido en París. https://t.co/Ze6e3Kuywg
HilltopAlum @HilltopAlum
topherH6 @topherH6
Will Davis @TheWill_Deal
Huge thanks to @BPVSTL for the great service and excellent tix! #USAvVIN #ussoccer https://t.co/jrRDDFdJ5Y
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