444goal @444goal
A few pix from second half #rctid
Dan Corcoran @CorcoranPDX
@TimbersFC great day for a Season Opener. #RCTID
Major League Soccer @MLS
John Gurnick @gurnick
Michael Perozzo ⭐️ @michaelperozzo
JacQueen Nelson @jacquelyn44
Soccer Capitol of the nation #RCTID @TimbersFC
Jeshe Burch @JesheBurch
Portland Timbers here we go! #RCTID #MLS
Dan Itel @dan_itel
Championship tifo game. "You'll always remember your first." #PORvCLB
Major League Soccer @MLS
Scarves, logs, flags, tacos. It's all happening. #PORvCLB
Edward Pinski @TheCrackLing
Craig Birnbach @CBirnbachKATU
RunningPT @MelissaCoxPT
This AM - Thunder and lightening forecasted all day #Timbers
Molly Blue @mollyablue
There will be fireworks. #RCTID
Kyle Lange @CrazyArtaud
Just because #22 is gone, doesn't mean Portland recycle culture dies with it. All hail Alvas Powell! #RCTID
Adam Herstein @AdamHerstein
Footy BKB @FootyBKB
A sight for sore eyes. #RCTID
Dave Edinger @SoDaveWasLike
I am in a stadium where #CrewSC is happening. That offseason was a very, very long 3 months. #NorOnTour #PORvCLB
JP Lococo @jp_lococo
Samantha Yarock @syarock
Sooooooo excited!!!! #RCTID @
skywaker9 @skywaker9
Major League Soccer @MLS
Major League Soccer @MLS
SQWAD @SqwadFan
Jennifer L. Minetree @yORTree
It's a sea of flags ( and a unicorn head for some reason😂) #goal #PorVsCrew #timbers #ptfc
Gina McLain @ginacmac
Michael Aubry @Michael_Aubry
Boot @bootpdx
From behind the tifo #rctid
Anne M. Peterson @AnnieMPeterson
So I guess it should be clear we're not starting on time. But the Army has donned their T-shirts. #rctid
Dan Adams ⭐ @Cascade_Rangers
Shawn Levy @shawnlevy
Matching t-shirts for thousands, courtesy @timbersarmy #tifo #rctid
Major League Soccer @MLS
Sunshine? We'll take it. #PORvCLB
Pedal PT @pedalpt
Columbus Crew @crewpress
Scott Sepich @SSepich
... and we're back. #rctid
Reed Andrews @ReedKATU
Waiting on the tifo to come up. #LiveOnK2 #RCTID
Kyle Lange @CrazyArtaud
Jeff @firemanjeff
Not the same without you @JVillafana19 - you're missed. #RCTID
abi scott @abikate93
Columbus Crew SC @ColumbusCrewSC
68' GOOOOOOAAAAAAL!!!! What Pipa magic. He does it with a bicycle kick! #CrewSC #PORvCLB 1-1
Andy Freed @freednog
I have never seen the house so packed. Even in 2013. Even in 2015. #rctid
Timbers WUFC @TimbersWUFC
Missed you 🏆⚽️😘 #RCTID
Matthew DeVore @md41969
Olivia Ramos @OlyRamos
Bracken Mosbacker @brackenm
Timbers army celebrating the cup as the MLS season starts. #rctid @TimbersFC
Timbersmania @Timbersmania
Tribune Photography @TribunePhoto
Aaron Brown @ambrown
🌲⚽️💛💚🏙🔥🏆 #rctid
Tombo ★ @twd3pdx
skywaker9 @skywaker9
Almost ceremony time. #rctid
Ginger Mourinho @tully_oran
Nothing like match day in @TimbersFC #Timbers
Portland Beer ⭐️ @Portland_Beer
I can haz #TIFO. #RCTID 💚💛🌲⚽️🍻⭐️🏆
Pedro @Campos_2125
Portland Timbers @TimbersFC
Michael Perozzo ⭐️ @michaelperozzo
Back with my family! #RCTID
Samantha Yarock @syarock
Sooooooo excited!!!! #RCTID
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