Sporting KCSKC
laura mcfayden @laura_irene_
Three minutes for Dwyer to get his hat trick. #SKCvVAN
Trace Gaskell @TraceGaskell
#childerns mercy park, #SPORTINGKC -- chicken and waffle sandwich
Patrick McMahon @Jhawkman02
Come on you Wizards!!! #sportingkc
Kansas City @VisitKC
janet redding @janetredding
Cree @creekovie
jando @4lejandrit0
Katie Jacobs @katieajacobs
Gershom Avalos @GershomAvalos
Marcus Childress @MarcusChildress
Children's Mercy @ChildrensMercy
What a way to open Children's Mercy Park!! @TechN9ne leads I Believe chant & #SportingKC grabs instant lead! @cmpark
Darin Watson @Darin_Watson
When the smoke clears, these will be decent seats. #SportingKC
Darren Eales @DEalesATLUTD
. @MattBesler getting ready to lead his @SportingKC team out to pitch. Predicting a 2-2 draw tonight #SKCvVAN
Brandon Urban @burban77
Damn it's good to be back at @cmpark! #SportingKC
Doug Page @dgpage70
First pro soccer game. #sportingkc
Jenny AB @jennyAB31205
HJHoffman @LeukemiaMD
Patronus Jimmyjams @wasserst
Buttercup @KCCOTeacherKC
Dom Dom Dom Dom Dom Dom Dom Dom Dom. #SKCvVAN nice hit @Ddwyer14
Bickel @bryantbickel
Doing that #sportingkc tonight! Hello! Great view
Dan @MrDanDiamond
Andrewmantium @trogdorXXII
laura mcfayden @laura_irene_
Rave at Children's Mercy Park tonight. #SKCvVAN
Brandon Painter @Bpaint
Reace Hudgeons @texgonekc
Seated and ready for the @SportingKC home opener! #sportingkc #kansascity
DJ @dwjones712
Connection Lost. Reconnecting...

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