Sporting KCSKC
Ben Baer @BenBaer89
Rapids not exactly utilizing the highest of presses here. #SKCvCOL
Winston Overton @wjoverton
Great night on the pitch #SportingKC
Bethaney Booth @bebooth_42
@SportingKC wouldn't be fun without my best friend @NickMossige even when I hate him #SKCvCOL @KCCauldron
Major League Soccer @MLS
Katie Deroche @KatieDeroche
There's no place like home. 💙💙💙 All for the city. #SKCTID #SKCvCOL
Joe Soto Jr. @jtsotojr
Pretty exciting to be at #SKC's 20 year anniversary. #MLS has a long way in two short decades.
Bill Ferguson @dadfergy
Kevin Marchant @Kevin_Marchant
Happy Birthday to #SportingKC and me! Couldn't ask for a better night! #SKCvcor
John Rosa @JohnRRosa
My birthday gift from @alli_rohman was tickets to my first @SportingKC game in person. #letsgo #SKCvCOL #capfedskc
Eryn Realmuto @ErynRealmuto
So excited to be @cmpark for @SportingKC's 20th anniversary celebration!! #SportingKC
Sam McDowell @SamMcDowell11
Stacy M Lebbon @IAmStacyMarie
My new friend, Justice. He just turned 7 & this is his 1st #SKC game. #SKCvCOL @SportingKC
Henry Hauck @HHfooty
Colorado Rapids @ColoradoRapids
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOALLLLL!!!!!!!!!! LUUUUUUUUUCHO @LuchoSoli blasts home from Pappa's pass (42) 0-1 #SKCvCOL #Rapids96
this wilson @thiswilson
Football & Threads @AmericanCasual1
The Cauldron (Sporting Kansas City) #MLS #skc #artsdoc #kylemrode
laura mcfayden @laura_irene_
Jeff @Jeff_CCTuba
Michel Mulders @michelmulders
Wednesday night soccer: Sporting Kansas City vs Colorado Rapids! #SKCvCOL #MLS
Notorious CPA @thenotoriouscpa
Yeah, we match and it's goddamn adorable. #SportingKC
Lauren H @KCSLiM
Let's win it like it's 1996!!! @SportingKC #SKCvCOL
SKC Gameday @SKCgameday
Our guys are out and warming up. And they're looking FRESH... #SKCvCOL
Rob Koch @rkterps1
14 years after our years with Milwaukee Rampage, @lilseasea95 sees our old friend Digi Takawira @SportingKC #SKCvCOL
Stourley Kracklite @ziplamak
Okay, @SportingKC, I dug this out for your 20th anniversary, so let's rally after the half! #SKCvCOL
Major League Soccer @MLS
this wilson @thiswilson
April Blackmon S. @ABlackmonS
Andrea Garcia @AKGarcia331
Heather D @hdufourmantelle
They really are happy. Promise! #SportingKC
Vanessa Prindle @vprindle
Joey Reed @tikimask07
John Dale @coachjohndale
Happy Birthday to this SKC fan and his hometown club @SportingKC #SKCvCOL #MySKCcam #SportingKCUphoria
Sean Curry @seancurry99
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