FC DallasDAL
Fit is Possible @fit_possible
Gotta love those mandatory water breaks for us players 🙋😉💦💦#DTID @FCDallas
Giovanna Torres @giovanna0420
Game day with the family 😍😎⚽ #DTID #FCDallas #SundayFunday
Tracy J. Tutt @SheTutt
Caitlin Boswell @CaitBoswell
Jess @CardCatFight
Playing Canadians in 100+ heat. We should really win this #DTID
Jarrett Adlof @JAHollywood1
When @FCDallas gives free face paint... you wear it. Bet Whitecaps don't do that! #FCDallas #DTID
Lyon Burns @TriggerGreatnes
Nathan Vanchura @nvanchura
heidi mecham @heidimecham
Home from vacation yesterday....back to what we love today! #DTID #FCDallas
Feed Machine-MLS @sportfeeds_mls
FCDallas: RT Iris_Rose: Doing the rally tunnel. Loving every minute of it FCDallas #DTID #dallas
Neha Baskar @neha_baskar15
Garth Adams @DallasGarth
#DTID Game time! Let's go Dallas!
Sam Womack @SamWomack
Kumiko Nguyen @Aznkd85
marcus robinson @kingston357
Angela Nance @squirrel_girlAN
Prepped to sink the Whitecaps! #DTID #FCDvVAN
Derek Stukey @DStukey
Rebecca Ballard @rmballard1971
andy @Andycontreras99
No one i'd rather be with watching @FCDallas #DTID ❤️⚽️
Natalie V Butters @natalievbutters
First FC Dallas game (for me)! #DTID
Vancouver Whitecaps @WhitecapsFC
Water break! Drink up 💧 #VWFC #FCDvVAN
Billy Hughes @Hugs4Billy
This has been a great 30th birthday #DTID #FCDallas
Kyle Anderson @kanderson504
Ready for the second half score! Go #dtid #FCDallas
Stacy Lawrence @Lavadonley
#DTID at FCDallas... it's a hot one!
hzmomma @WillitsKristin
marvin @MJOSU3A
Clinton Barkley @BarkleyClinton
Nan Ruffo @NanRuffo
Happy 8th Birthday, Alyssa! #SoccerQueen #DTID
Jenna B @mommy_grrl
Nan Ruffo @NanRuffo
Happy 8th Birthday, Alyssa! #SoccerPrincess #DTID
Amy Gates @AmyLNicholas
Daisy Mejia @DaisyMejia84
#DTID My husband representing @FCDallas
Lisa Macabu @lisamacabu
brian graves @allconss16
It's hot, but we're here. Let's go @FCDallas we need 3 points for our first game #DTID
Keenan L Liles @LilesKeenan
Eddie Cordova @BklynBornAgain
tony davis @tonydavis87
Steven A Jones @StevenAJ0nes
Mauro missed by inches. Probably intentional. Can't let the government know he's an Inhuman. #DTID @AgentsofSHIELD
Danielle Gaither @daniellegaither
My player of the match: that cloud hiding the sun right now. #DTID
heidi mecham @heidimecham
Jim Bob Kingman @JimBobKingman
There's only one Tex Hooper! #DTID
Caroline Girod @GirodCaroline
Let's Go!!❤️💙 #DTID
errrrin @erinmac_24
Erian Shinn @MrsShinn2
Fit is Possible @fit_possible
@FCDallas vs @WhitecapsFC in this blazing hot Texas sun #DTID
Jessica B. @daisychick76
Major League Soccer @MLS
Toyota Stadium is the stage for this Western Conference showdown. #DALvVAN now on MLS LIVE:
Eric Pothier @ericpothier
karleigh monden @karleighxmonden
The real AC @acyankee13
Damon Gochneaur @DamonGochneaur
Thanks to @FCDSTH for a cool pregame experience! #DTID @FCDallas
Todd P. Emerson @DeathFox99
About to watch @FCDallas kick some Pacific NW pants! 🇺🇸⚽️🇨🇦 #FCDvVAN #DTID #FCDallas @WhitecapsFC @MLS
Terri Hernandez @terridhernandez
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