WC Qualifier
El SalvadorSLV
Paolzn @paolzn
. @neesubsun
#CanMNT so close canada!!! what an exciting game so far!!! https://t.co/5UGJwkAjy5
Matthew B. @MattBInYYC
@CanadaSoccerEN #CanadaRED I should win prizes for flying out! https://t.co/kfpLSXIfBp
Shane Gould @BritCDN88
Major League Soccer @MLS
Game on at BC Place! #CanMNT needs a big win and some help from 🇲🇽 tonight. Follow here: https://t.co/xFs1RWd5Mg https://t.co/rvYtp1po06
BCSoccerweb.com @bcsoccerweb
Mike Power @CoachMikePower
Richard Ingram @ringram4mad
#CanMNT BC Place warming up for World Cup Qualifier! https://t.co/6fG2vO1qyf
bbmangels @bbmangels
Jillian McCue @jillian_mccue
Alicia Logie @fl2acoeur
#CanadaRED ready to cheer Canada on FIFA qualifier! https://t.co/5VLI0zZOmU
Cecilia Teixeira @ceciliArchitect
Vancouver Armada @VancouverArmada
Remember last time at BC Place? It's about to kick off again. Let's do this. #CanMNT #CanadaRED #CANvSLV https://t.co/Rp8ReGKyLe
Kristy Mattiazzo @KristyMattiazzo
Brett @brett_hockley
Great atmosphere at #BCPlace tonight for the #CANMNT World Cup qualifier! https://t.co/Vu9WjXzpvB
Esteban Contreras @socialnerdia
Let's go #CanadaRED. Just 4 more :🙌😅⚽ https://t.co/1HuSLPxc8G
Gbowie @bowie_greg
1 goal up, 4 more to go!!! #CanadaRED https://t.co/jbTIyIGl01
Keoki BC @keoki_bc
bbmangels @bbmangels
It's GAME TIME!!!!! GO CANADA GO!!!!!#CanadaRED #CANMNT https://t.co/gvWpwKYXiG
Gavin Day @gavinlday
I knew fans are still outside coming in up uh...yikes. #canMNT https://t.co/y4XSY9oPFW
Courtney Hunter @court_hunterr
Dominik Svorinic @BurekSvorinic
Rebecca Bollwitt @Miss604
Settling in for Canada v El Salvador at @bcplace #CanadaRED #CanMNT @CanadaSoccerEN https://t.co/KG02FfgUEX
willwalshe @nikdcww
#CanMNT Canada vs El Salvador https://t.co/5u0CzNx2GZ
bbmangels @bbmangels
Canada vs. El Salvador GO CANADA GO!!!!!!!!!!! #CanadaRED #CANMNT https://t.co/5TVoZ1ndyi
Kevin Parsons @KevinCParsons
Wish I made the trip @CanadaSoccerEN Good luck boys lets fill the net ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 #CANMNT #hexorbust https://t.co/JupNDmmN7S
Rob Williams @RobTheHockeyGuy
Attendance not nearly as bad as it looked during the anthems.. Close to 20k is my guess #CanMNT https://t.co/PPCK8pnyxz
Saïda Ouchaou @SaidaOuchaou
If Canada wants 2 qualify for 2018 world soccer cup they need 2 score more already 1-0 for #TeamCanada #CanadaRED https://t.co/UOxAMxxFMv
Susanne @Susie_Q_55313
Canada Soccer @CanadaSoccerEN
Paul Starkey @TheRealStarks
Honestly Canada this is a shambles of a turnout #CanMNT https://t.co/GlfWHzU18C
Gavin Day @gavinlday
That's cool, though.. and geographically accurate! #canMNT https://t.co/D7lqTNh2Mj
Sandi Cooper @Csandi123
For some cotton candy is more important than soccer but we're all here for the party #CanMNT #blueisthenewred https://t.co/65EXU1lJNA
Mike P, FMA @mdnm22
Sandi Cooper @Csandi123
Getting ready for our first #CanMNT game against El Salvador. GO CANADA GO!!!! https://t.co/KsF9xrNh97
Robbie Snooks @robbiesnooks
My pregame warmup for #CANMNT vs. El Salvador #CanadaRED https://t.co/I5R5Hg4qcm
couragesings @couragesings
Gavin Day @gavinlday
#canMNT starting to make its way of the field. We'll know one way or another soon enough... https://t.co/f61ZyRMyUe
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