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Official Timekeeper of MLS
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Remember to keep an eye out for tonight’s secret word during the #DALvLA match! #LAGalaxy
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
Jason Poon @jasonhpoon
Three points in the pocket! #DTID
Trey Fuentes @treytes
Having a good time on GAMEDAY!! #FCDvLA #DTID
JDooley @FCDJmdeez
marcus robinson @kingston357
@BrianDunseth it's a playoff atmosphere out here in Frisco tonight #DTID
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
Rusty Reed @RustyRReed
Seconds later #fcd puts one in on the corner. #FCDvLA 1-0 FCD.
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
Danielle @fcdanielle96
I'd forgotten Ashley Cole was a thing. #DTID
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
YEEHAW! We’re underway in Texas! Flip over to @SpectrumSN to watch #DALvLA:
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It's match time for @FCDallas vs. @LAGalaxy! Watch on Spectrum 323 outside DFW or TXA 21 in DFW. #FCDvsLA #DTID
Beatriz Castañeda @Bea_Castaneda
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
Ashish Gupta @ashishgupta87
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
Carlos Antonio Moya @C_Moya
FC Dallas vs. LA Galaxy #DTID
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
Aaaaaaaaand we’re back in Texas! Watch #DALvLA live on @SpectrumSN:
Major League Soccer @MLS
Thoughts on the first half, Bruce? #DALvLA
Fit is Possible @fit_possible
Matthew Doyle @MLSAnalyst
Here's what I wrote about @FCDallas in Friday's weekend preview. #DALvLA
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
Keano with a smooooooth first touch 👌 #DALvLA
Major League Soccer @MLS
Go West. Two big conference matchups start now on MLS LIVE: #DALvLA #COLvPOR
Sam Womack @SamWomack
#FCDvLA let's get closer to closing out that supporters shield race @FCDallas #DTID
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜⚽️ #DALvLA
Terri Hernandez @terridhernandez
Dad won a jersey autographed by the entire team!! #FCDallas #DTID
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
Landon Donovan enters the game for Raul Mendiola. #DALvLA
Donovan Orona @OronaDonovan
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
Liz Snodgrass @lizzak2015
Mark McClure @mrkmcclr
Bruce, care to comment on that play? #DALvLA
Carmen @carmensanchez
X - FC Dallas @FCDallas
GOAAAAAAALLLLLL FC DALLAS! The big man @thewalkerzim heads in Mauro's corner and it's 1-0!!! #DTID
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
X - FC Dallas @FCDallas
KICKOFF: It's time to kick off this HUGE matchup! Watch #FCDvLA on @TXA21 nowwww! #DTID
Jenna B @mommy_grrl
Finishing out the day with some #soccer! #dtid #FCDvLA ⚽️
Amy Zemering @AmyZemering
"@MLS: A massive top-of-the-table clash. #DALvLA kicks at 9 ET on MLS LIVE:"
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy
Can’t watch #DALvLA on @SpectrumSN? No worries! Listen to a live radio stream right here:
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