MLS Playoffs
FC DallasDAL
Fútbol MLS @futbolMLS
Señoras y señores con ustedes: ¡Carlos el 'Pescadito' Ruíz al rescate de @FCDallas! 😉 #SEAvDAL
TO™ @TOfromthe360
Bardsblond @bardsblond
Fútbol MLS @futbolMLS
Estamos de regreso con toda la hinchada de @SoundersFC para la segunda parte entre #SEAvDAL:
Fútbol MLS @futbolMLS
.@Seitzy1 se pone la capa de superhéroe muy temprano en el partido. #SEAvDAL, 0-0. 🙌
Seattle Sounders FC @SoundersFC
.@clint_dempsey in the 🏠 tonight supporting his teammates in the #MLSCupPlayoffs! #SEAvDAL
Jason Poon 🏆🏆 @jasonhpoon
Can we give Defender of the Year to Matt Hedges already? #SEAvDAL
Zach Scott Fan Club @ZScottFanClub
Kerry Lebel @kerrylebel
Ryan Schwalm @ryanschwalm
Christine McHugh @mchugh_cmchugh
Seattle Sounders FC @SoundersFC
S - FC Dallas @FCDallas
Standing room only at Gas Monkey Live! Let's go boys!! #DTID
S - FC Dallas @FCDallas
Jill Farmer @DustyFarmGirl
Julie Noga @Mrs_Nogatron
Michelle @reidmorebooks
Valdez starting tonight, Sounders are ready to make the most of #thismoment #SEAvDAL
Brooklyn Hollar 🎃🕸 @hollarbro
K. M. Douglas @KMDbooks
Julia Santo @lookitsjulia
Major League Soccer @MLS
Want a closer look at #SEAvDAL? Check out MLS on Snapchat ➡️
🌽Nasty Candy Corn🌽 @Roborangutang
More playoffs in the rain, please! #SEAvDAL #ThisMoment
Seattle Sounders FC @SoundersFC
Seattle Sounders FC @SoundersFC
Ricardo Loo @ricalo
Rain doesn't scare Seattle #Sounders fans #GoSounders
Major League Soccer @MLS
Major League Soccer @MLS
Jody Rodgers @jodyrodgers
Smoky start to the #Sounders playoff match!
Marianna @mgreekchickie
Probably the last time we'll have fireworks INSIDE the stadium... #ThisMoment #SEAvDAL #EBFG
Major League Soccer @MLS
More @Audi #MLSCupPlayoffs action coming right up. #SEAvDAL is kicking off on FS1.
Seattle Sounders FC @SoundersFC
Warmed up. Ready to roll. #ThisMoment kicks off live next on @FS1: #SEAvDAL
Susan Parson @Parsonsusan1
Pre-Game ritual. Go Sounders! #SEAvDAL
simpleJoy @simpleJoy88
#xboxphotocontest #seavdal enjoying the game with my son...
Major League Soccer @MLS
The Little 🐟 is here. #SEAvDAL
Fútbol MLS @futbolMLS
Wes Gibbs @wesgibbs
Matt Rathgeber @mrathgeber22
Major League Soccer @MLS
.@Seitzy1 has been busy. He clawed this one off the line in the opening minutes. #SEAvDAL
Ty @Ty_Reed
2018 USA Games @2018USAGames
Young Athlete Frannie is cheering on the @SoundersFC at #SEAvDAL 🤗
Seattle Sounders FC @SoundersFC
Ready for battle 👊 #SEAvDAL
Krista @atsirkuw
Seattle Sounders FC @SoundersFC
Brandon Bleek @brandonbleek
Spenser Davis @spenserdavis
#SEAvDAL about to kick off...I think? Follow along at @sounderatheart
Patricia Apparition @dark_victory
Radio Free Peeps @RadioFreePeeps
Beautiful nite for futbol at CLink. Come on Seattle! Fight and win! #Sounders
RBF Amy @actionwoman
Best food at Centurylink #SEAvDAL
Michael Reeves @mreeves_seattle
Father and son here to root on the Sounders! Beat FC Dallas! #SEAvDAL #thismoment #XboxPhotoContest #SoundersFC
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